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Here at Southern Air Repair, our team brings Innovative Engineering and Aviation Machining to a whole other level, including our Welding and CNC experience to accomplish our component piece part repairs. Southern Air Repair was established in 1997, by two aviation pioneers looking to better serve the airline industry. First located Coral Springs, Florida, we made our final frontier by moving the industry to Greenville, South Carolina. This year, we celebrate over 25 years of excellence while servicing airlines, regional carriers, and 145 repair stations with the highest level of experience and quality.

Our mission is to take non-serviceable/scrap accessory parts and reclaim them to airworthy condition. This process reduces BER’s, turnaround times, and has a high success rate while competing with prices of new manufactured parts. We have established a reputation for accomplishing repairs that were once considered nonviable, which has saved our customers millions of dollars in replacement costs.

Southern Air Repair has developed over 450 FAA approved component piece part repairs with concentration in CSD’s, IDG’s, Fuel and Pneumatic accessory parts.  We offer full CNC lathe and mill support. Recent jobs include Gulfstream Wifi antenna mount, ATR-72 flap cam guide, IDG rotor balance weight holder and Axial fan housing liner.

We would love the opportunity to show your company the high success rate that we maintain with our current customers.

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With over 75 years of aviation component part experience, management, quality control and machine shop personnel who understand their job precisely, while returning your parts back on wing at a fraction of the cost.

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Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) detects surface cracks
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) detects surface cracks in magnetic materials
We offer precision Manual Mill Machining Services
We offer precision Manual Lathe Machining for all your part turning needs
Similar to our Manual Mill Machines we also have Jig Boring Capabilities
Where you’re needing high accuracy and tight bore tolerances, we have the precision Jig Grinding machines to get the job done
Needing a better surface finish or to open up a hole some more?
We can do that with our honing machines
With our Plasma Spray application, we can spray a protective hard coating to a part by feeding a powder into an ionized gas stream
We offer Cold Spray Coatings Services

With our Ultrasonic Cleaners, we can remove surface deposits and entrapped material by use of high frequency sound waves. Cleaning is performed in a liquid bath that keeps the removed material suspended due to transmitted sound energy
With our Passivation Tanks, we suspend parts in an acidic bath that makes (a metal or other substance) unreactive by altering the surface layer or coating the surface with a thin inert layer

We provide Epoxy Coating Services
Our Brazing services consist of soldering alloys of copper and zinc at high temperatures

Our Thermal Spray process uses a fuel/oxygen flame to melt and propel metal to build up surface size or provide optimal protection
We offer one of the best Welding Services in the aviation industry

We offer Precision ID Grinding Services

We offer Precision OD Grinding Services
We offer Engineering Services

We offer our Lapping process which polishes parts to measure a amount of light bands

We offer multiple types of Hardness Testing with our precision hardness testing machine

Our CAD/CAM programming is a great opportunity for any manufacturing needs

We offer our Balancing Services to correctively balance rotors, fans and impellers

Our state of the art CNC Turning Centers can hold tight tolerances on any manufactured part

Our state of the art CNC Milling Machines can hold tight tolerances on any manufactured part

Our Advanced Measuring Coordinate system can measure any part with maximum precision
We offer manufacturing services.
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Get a sneak peek inside of our headquarters in Greenville, SC. Our top of the line equipment and professionally trained staff create the successful environment we work in.

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Southern Air Repair has been providing engineering expertise in conjunction with machining process skills to the aviation industry for over 20 years. Our customer base ranges from Domestic and International Airlines, Engineering firms and FAA Approved 145 Repair stations around the world. Our individual parts capabilities can be found on ILS, One Aero, 145.com and AeroExchange.

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Our experienced work force is willing and able to meet your expectations. We remain committed to our engineering competencies. Our capabilities combine the latest materials, processes and machining techniques to produce repairs that meet the highest FAA standards. Our engineering expertise, skilled machinists and relationships with our vendors permit us to provide to you cost-effective and reliable repairs at economical prices.

3396 Anderson Road Greenville, South Carolina 29611 USA

(864) 295-8849, FAX: 864-295-8859

FAA Repair Station SOOR851N, EASA 145.5296, Federal CAGE Code 1J5G2

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